Teacher Forrest Letson as Guest Star & Co-Host on MCSSRADIO Today at 5 pm Central with Author and Reverend Joann Spurrier   Leave a comment

About Teacher Forrest Letson:
As a Pre-Medical student at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX (2001), Forrest Letson began research projects provoked by the questions being asked by the personal relationships in his life. People often questioned Letson on the intentions of western medicine and shared concerns about the lacking relationships that exist between patients and their healthcare providers. He began researching ancient healing philosophies with the desire to find the answer to what might bring more compassion to his future patients. It was then that Letson discovered the alarming dis-concern for a neglected element in today’s modern medicine; inner well-being. Letson began to acknowledge, “Ever since ancient times we’ve had knowledge and observations that the human body is more than flesh, bones, and blood. A mysterious energy governs our mind and physical body”.

Unraveling the philosophies in which this energy is studied, he came to realize the power of human thought and consequently the effects it has on the physical body. Shortly after becoming familiar with ancient Japanese healing, Letson became a student of the first three levels of Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho teachings (2008). After ten years of practice, he received the final sacred teaching and was recognized as Master Healer and Teacher of the Usui lineage (2008). These studies ultimately provoked Letson to make a change and he decided against medical school and entered his PhD studies in Humanistic Science (2010).

Upon his arrival back to Austin, Texas from California, the public interest in bringing awareness to his teachings grew. Since then, Letson has worked privately with individuals to address pain, suffering, and life challenges. Unique from other Masters he encourages organic awareness of the mind and body together and has refined the teachings to relate to every day life. Today, Letson continues his education, pursuing a teaching degree in Biological Sciences and his graduate doctoral research in Metaphysics and Humanistic Science. Forrest Letson integrates a significant amount of his training in Metaphysics, Humanistic Science, Life Coaching and Buddhist Studies into his current teachings and practice.

During the month of August, Letson revealed his first humanitarian project (2011). The Metta Human Project was introduced as an organization with the mission aimed at strengthening human capacities by promoting understanding while assisting individuals and communities in securing better life for themselves and society at large. The Metta Human Project is a community of members open to all and unites together for the effort to bring global and local awareness by way of compassion for others and participation in volunteer efforts to better the quality of life on our planet. More information on The Metta Human Project can be found at mettahumanproject.org.

Additional Info: Forrest Letson began a career as a radio show host at the age of fifteen in Austin, Texas prior to continuing his broadcast career in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Palm Springs, CA. It was in 2008 that Letson returned to Austin to continue his studies and began to share his private world with others.

For more information about Forrest please visit him at http://www.forrestletson.com and for more information about Author Joann Spurrier please visit her at http://www.joannspurrier.com

Call in at 917-889-3705


Popular radio personality Norbert Hooper to release his latest book “Spirituality is not for sissies” –My life as a psychic so far-   Leave a comment

Press Release

For Immediate Release

July 12, 2011

Popular radio personality Norbert Hooper to release his latest book “Spirituality is not for sissies” –My life as a psychic so far-
Norbert Hooper is the author of The Psychic Norbert book series; Astrology Guide, 40 Days to Feeling Great, Orders of Angels, Common Sense Spirituality, Passages of Faith and Common Sense Principles.
In his latest book – Spirituality is not for sissies- Norbert Talks about his Childhood as a psychic child and remembering his childhood past loved ones and passing friends.
“Through my years of experience providing psychic readings, life coaching, private psychic profiling, spiritual counseling, numerology and astrology reports to thousands of clients, on TV and radio listeners, magazine readers and workshop participants, I have witnessed first-hand the amazing transformation that takes place when someone experiences a spiritual awakening. Spirituality Is Not For Sissies uses my experiences as a psychic medium, healer and spiritual leader, along with life coaching techniques, and information passed along to me from my spirit guide Eldridge and my past loved ones from the other side, to help to create a road map to finding your own spiritual truth. The information found in this book will infuse you with vitality, peace, and a way to make a better life for yourself and those around you. Spirituality Is Not For Sissies is for those who are thirsty with spiritual curiosity and parched from searching for answers and coming up empty. I am a spiritual counselor, leader and founder of a Gnostic-based national ministry, a private psychic profiler, as well as a practicing psychic. I lead those thirsty souls on a journey of self-discovery to find their meaning of spirituality. “I have discovered spirituality means more than believing in and talking directly to God. It is discovering the link between what we think and how it affects our lives. It is using the laws of positive attraction to free ourselves from the chains of daily living so our true inner spirituality is set free. It is moving from limited to limitless.”
In addition to working as a practicing psychic, Norbert Hooper offers life coaching and private psychic investigations. Norbert also is the founder of a non-profit spiritual organization The Ministry of Common Sense Spirituality. For more information on Norbert Hooper and his book, contact us at Norbert@asknorbert.com, (800) 604-0253 or visit Norbert’s website at http://www.asknorbert.com.

Where has 2010 gone! A new Update on Jacinta

This week-end (Nov 6th & 7th) sees Jacinta in Palm Springs (CA) performing with Martha Davis & the Motels, Robin S and Crystal Waters. Promises to be a great gig with Jacinta performing on both days of the festival.


Here’s a great interview from our friends at Denon


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….and here’s a sweet record review of LUMINA from our Swedish friends at Luna Kafe


2010 has continued to build on the momentum created last year. 2009 releases such as the LUMINA album, MAGIC, LOST IN A DREAM and SHARE THE TEARS are being discovered by new fans everyday. This year, Destune Records released ALWAYS BESIDE ME. A collaboration with Miami producer Avy Gonzalez marking Jacinta’s debut into the Freestyle genre.

New songs hot off the press include AVATAR with Eric Tenalio on KULT Records and SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW on CAPP Records.. All Chunky Music releases are available Digitally everywhere (iTunes etc) and physical CD’s as well thru CDBaby & Amazon. Releases on other labels such as Destune, CAPP, Five Star, Spinnin’ and KULT are Digital only. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email me at info@chunkymusic.com and we’ll sort it! Check the Music section on http://www.chunkymusic.com for updates.

Stay tuned for 2011. Jacinta has been busy recording & collaborating on new songs with Cybersutra, Avy Gonzalez and upcoming Rock sensation from Australia, The Jefferson, as well as new material for the Chunky Music Label. Make sure you are on our mailing list so you’re first in the loop for gig and new music info.


Say Hi to Jacinta on her facebook page. She’s on nearly every day! Please copy and paste links to your browser if they aren’t highlighted. http://www.facebook.com/Jacinta.Artist


Author Kristi LeBlanc on The Reverend Norbert Show 10/3/2010

I would like to welcome Kristi LeBlanc to The Reverend Norbert Show today October 3rd,2010 from 3-5 pm central time.

About Kristi:
Kristi LeBlanc is an expert at helping people through some of life’s most significant transitions — those that involve your purpose, vocation/career, and calling. Living with Certainty™ One-On-One Consultations with Kristi LeBlanc are always tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Kristi can… help you to identify and face head-on the core issues and blockages that may be holding you back or creating frustration and pain. Kristi LeBlanc’s self awareness counseling provides you with direction and inspiration that allow you to live your best life

About her works;
Over many years as a successful
senior partner and global
practice leader with the world’s
largest, most prestigious retained
executive search firms, Kristi has had
the privilege of advising, assessing,
coaching, and interviewing thousands
of professionals and senior executives,
many of whom are the most outwardly
successful, accomplished, intelligent,
and principled men and women on
the planet. These exceptional leaders
actively sought her advice. To a person,
they all desired more than money from
their lives and careers—they wanted
creative expression, authenticity, purpose, fulfillment, significance, and joy.
Since Kristi’s personal approach to life is to see every facet of the world
through a spiritual lens, this perspective ultimately led to the development
of her Living with Certainty philosophy. This book represents Kristi’s deeply
held suppositions gained through her professional career, natural inclination
and intuition, research, and personal spiritual experiences.
Kristi is a wife, mom to three small children, author, daughter, sister,
and professional woman with a deep desire to teach people how to live with
certainty. She lives with deep-soul joy and wishes the same for you.
Kristi welcomes reactions from readers—thoughts, stories, and reflections.
Though she is not always able to respond to every email, she enjoys hearing
from (and always learns from) her readers. To reach Kristi via email, write her
at KristiLeBlanc@LivingwithCertainty.com. For more information on how to
Live with Certainty, go to http://www.LivingwithCertainty.com.

God Love you,
Kristi LeBlanc and Reverend Norbert

Special Guest Star Psychic Gary Wimmer on The Ask Norbert Show 9/2/2010

For the first time Psychic Gary Wimmer and Psychic Norbert team up on “The Ask Norbert Show” Today, September 2nd, 2010 at 3 pm central time on MCSSRADIO (www.mcssradio.com)
According to Gary, using Lithomancy, I ask no questions prior to giving a reading. The Stones and the Pattern speak clearly and with amazing detail. Over the decades I have received extremely positive feedback about the accuracy of my insights into all matters: personal, financial, relationships, home, business plans, spiritual issues, unexpected changes, etc. Lithomancy readings cover all issues and how they interrelate, and reveal what such issues are leading to and why. To share with others the power and beauty of this fascinating art, I have written a book on Lithomancy, and I will post a link to it as soon as it is available in print. Meanwhile, see some excerpts: Lithomancy, the Psychic Art of Reading Stones.

Please tune in today and enjoy the show!

(c) 2010 Norbert A Hooper

Gary L. Wimmer
7209 Whispering Oaks Dr
Austin, TX 78745 USA
(512) 707-0836

Reverend Norbert’s “Common Sense Spirituality” is in bookstores now.

Reverend Norbert’s Common Sense Spirituality is on Amazon.com,Barnes & Nobles and bookstores near now.
(About the Author)
Rev. Norbert A. Hooper has been providing guidance and advice nationwide for more than 12 years. From founding a ministry, to offering counseling, his gift of receiving information from the “other side” has helped countless numbers of people. He has been featured on many national radio and television shows and given numerous seminars and workshops. In his quest to help others, in 2000 Rev. Norbert founded the Ministry of Common Sense Spirituality which is a a non-denominational Gnostic-based ministry in Austin, TX. He is also The founder of The MCSSRadio Network on Blog Talk Radio since 2009.

For more information about Reverend Norbert please visit his website at http://www.mcssradio.com
Contact Reverend Norbert’s office for all other request at 1-800-604-0253

The Ask Norbert Show with Special Guest

Join Reverend Norbert of The Ask Norbert Show
“Advice from The Other Side” as he welcomes Christopher Reburn to The Ministry of Common Sense Spiritual Radio (MCSSR) for the very first time!

Be sure to tune in to hear Reverend Norbert as he Interviews Christopher Reburn about his life work, thoughts on spirituality and for the future, some 2010 predictions and much much more!

Looking forward to see you in Cyber Space!

God Bless,
Reverend Norbert,

Christopher Reburn,

(c) 2010-2011